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Personalised Robins Appear Gravesite Maker in silver

Personalised Robins Appear gravesite memorial marker


Personalised Graveside Markers: a heartfelt way to honour and cherish the memory of your loved ones. Each marker stands at a height of 18cm with a width of 13cm, including a stake for easy display.

Customize your marker with the name, dates, and a special message, creating a unique tribute tailored to your loved one.

Tailored Design: Not fond of the shape? No worries! We collaborate with you to create the perfect memorial, ensuring it reflects your vision and sentiments.

Versatile Display: Designed with a stake point, our markers are effortless to display in any outdoor setting. Plus, they're perfect for plant pots, offering versatility in placement. Weather-resistant:

Crafted from mirror acrylics and laser-etched on the back, these markers withstand various weather conditions, ensuring durability for both indoor and outdoor use.

My ultimate aim is to provide a meaningful and enduring way to commemorate the lives of those who've passed on. By offering personalized, weather-resistant markers, we strive to help you create a lasting tribute that honors your loved one's memory.

Size 13cm x 18cm

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